How You Can Violate Rest Hour?

How You Can Violate Rest Hour?

Total how many times you can violate rest hour as per stcw?

Rest hour regulations and how to violet?

What are work hour and rest hour regulations and exemptions?

Work hour and rest hour regulation:

  • Under the STCW 2010
  • A minimum of 10-hours of rest in any 24-hours
  • A minimum of 77-hours of rest in any 7-day
  • The rest hours can be divided into no more than two periods, one should be at least 6 hours.
  • Two consecutive rest periods should be more than 14-hours.
  • Under the MLC
  • 14 maximum working hours in any 24-hour
  • 72 maximum working hours in any 7-day
  • A minimum of 10 hours of rest in any 24-hour

  • Weekly violation
  • Minimum hours of rest in any 7 days may be reduced, from 77 hours to 70 hours for a period of up to 2 consecutive weeks. Once used the seafarer may then not use the exception again for twice the period of exception.

  • Daily violation
  • Minimum of 10 hours of rest in any 24 hours may be made up of 3 rest periods, one of which
    must be at least 6h in length and the other two periods must be at least 1h in length.
  • This exception can be used for a maximum of 2 x 24h periods in any 7 days.

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