What Will You Discuss During the Master-Pilot Information Exchange?

What will you discuss during master-pilot information exchange?

Details about pilotage.

Ship’s characteristics.
Operational factor.
Effective communication.

  • Pilot Card.
  • The Pilotage plan and circumstances when deviation from the plan, Any amendments to the plan.
  • Local weather, water depth, tide, and tidal stream.
  • Traffic condition. Visibility.
  • Ship’s dimensions and, manoeuvring information – wheelhouse Poster. Manoeuvring booklet.
  • Ship handling characteristics, and machinery navigational equipment, and
    crew limitation that could affect the operation.
  • Berthing arrangements, number of tug, mooring boat, mooring arrangement.
  • Contingency plan. Possible abort in the event of a malfunction.
  • Formal working language.

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