Garbage Details. How Will You Segregate Garbage?

Garbage details. How will you segregate garbage? How do you dispose? Garbage management plan

Every ship must have garbage management plan. For garbage minimizing, collecting, storing,
processing, disposing.
From garbage management plan, I can get color code. Also, what equipment to use.

All ships must have garbage record book.

Garbage catagory:
Garbage are group into catagories for recording in part-1 and part-2 of garbage record book.
Part 1 – All garbage other than cargo residues, applicable to all ship.
Part 2 – For cargo residues only applicable to ships that carry solid bulk cargoes.
Plastic (Red)
Food waste (Green)
Domestic waste (Yellow)
Cooking oil (Black)
Incinerator ashes (Gray)
Operational wastes (Blue)
Animal carcasses
Fishing Gear
E-waste (White)

Cargo residue (Non HME)
Cargo residue (HME)
HME – Harmful to marine environment.

Nothing can be dispose to the sea except for food waste.
If comminuted 3 NM (12 NM for special areas)
If not comminuted 12 NM (prohibited on special areas)
All garbage must be given to shore facility.
Must be recorded in the Garbage record book.

Chief officer Duties under GMP:

  • Color code. (Painting Job)
  • UpTo date garbage record book.
  • Check garbage bin for any mixing.
  • Give garbage to shore facility and take certificate.
  • Immediate dispose food waste as per marpol (12 NM).
  • Retention until passed restricted areas.
  • Incineration.
  • Compaction.
  • Recycling.
  • Long term storage.
  • Ensure garbage container is leak proof and covered.
  • Ensure garbage is stored in safe and hygiene manner.
  • Food waste (or decompose materials) must be sealed in airtight bags.
  • DG cargo and chemical powder must be stored in separate bins. Give to shore facility.

  • Yellow color (Domestic waste) – Paper, cardboard, dunnage, glass, metal, bottles, crockery.
    Black – oily rags.
    Grey – incinerator ashes
    Blue – operational wastes -(battery, paint items, medicine, pyrotechnics.)
    White – E-waste (gadget, computer, printer, cartridge)
    When at port and ship is 3 NM from land we can’t operate comminuter and incinerator.
    Incinerator is only for oily waste, sludge.
    Maybe you can use incinerator for non plastic material. Talk with 2nd engineer.

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