What Is Heavy Weather? And Precautions.

What Is Heavy Weather? And Precautions.

Heavy weather checklist

As per the Beaufort scale, scale 6 is considered to be heavy weather.
Large waves begin to form; the white foam crests are more extensive everywhere. Shipping spraying
on the forecastle and deck.

Heavy weather checklist
Risk assessment
Secure everything before departure even if there is no warning of storms
Update weather forecast
Alternative route to follow
If heavy weather, inform deck, engine, galley department
Secure bridge
Secure engine room
Secure galley
Secure loose items on deck
Secure garbage drum
Cover mooring ropes
Secure and check – life boat, life raft, gangway, pilot ladder, combination ladder,
Anchor lashing
Hose pipe and sparkling pipe covered and cemented
Bosun store alarm system operational
Hatch cover secured
Hatch cleat
Check weather tight door, porthole, sky light
Check ballast tank manhole cover
Hold Water ingress alarm level operational
Rig life line on deck
Life line should be strong
Reduce speed of ship to reduce shipping spray
Head on the swell and wave wind
Hand steering engaged
Both steering motor
No deck work
Master will not allow anyone going on deck
Close gangway door
Check anchor lashing and others when weather improves
If needed, alter course, adjust speed.
Take tank sounding
Check sounding cap is fitted
Report to company, charterer, agent
If required, take shelter and wait for weather getting Improve

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