What Is Your Duty Onboard As C/O?

What Is Your Duty Onboard As C/O?

Chief Officer or Chief Mate Duty on the ship.

He is Second in charge of a ship
Main duty: Cargo work
Must Know Ballast line diagram
Cargo Gear
Inventory and requisition
Anchor and Mooring
Drill and Training
Deal with third party at port.
Deck maintenance
Tool box meeting
Risk assessment
Work safety permit/enclosed space entry
Safe issues
Personal issues
Navigation watch
Compass error when dusk and down
Paper work
Recollecting previous days work
Job sheet for current days
In charge of cargo, Ballast, maintenance, tools, inspection.
Work hour rest hours.
Tank inspection.

CO will talk with second officer, about: –
Responsibilities for any hospital issues
Accommodation issues
Log books
Bridge equipments maintenance record
Medicine related matters
Major Duty: Let the duty officer know any deck work is going on deck
Check messages that is sent from Master
Master will discuss matters related to the voyage and port calls.
He’s often required to attend to or assist in replying to several important messages and queries from
the master, owners, technical manager, charterers, commercial operators or terminals.

CO will talk with third officer, about: –
Fire hydrant
Fire line
Hose box
Fire hose leak test
F Key and Nozzle
Life jacket and immersion suits inspection
SCBA bottles – fill up with air
Life boat seat belts
Bilge pump in Life boat
Muster list
Safety training

He Supervises, assists and advises the deck crew in the jobs.
On board Training.
Motivate crews
In port, being the officer in charge of cargo operations, he witnesses the beginning, completion and
critical stages of cargo operations by himself.
In port, He explains any plan with second officer or third officer.
In port, he’s also the security officer who monitors security measures for various security levels as per
the Ship Security Plan

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