Performance standard for magnetic compass

Performance standard for magnetic compass

Compass Card:
Graduated in 360 degrees.
Numerical indication at every ten degrees.
Cardinal point indication by capitial letters N, E, S and W.
North point indication by suitable emblem.
Directional error should not exceed 0.5° on any heading.
Clearly readable at a distance of 1.4 m.
Magnifying glass is permitted.

Corrector magnets for parmanent magnetism should have at least 11.2 coercivity.
Corrector magnets for induced magnetism should have low coercivity.
Binnacle material should be non magnetic.

Satisfactory under all environment condition.

Constructional Error:
Compass uniform rotating speed 1.5° per second at a temperature of 20°C ± 3°C.
Card Deflection should not exceed (54/H) degrees.
Friction error should not exceed (3/H) degrees at a temperature of 20°C ± 3°C.

Correcting Device:
Quadrantal spheres.
Flinders bar.
Heeling error magnets.
F&A, athwartship parmanent magnete.

No electrical power is needed.
Protection from heavy sea.

Should be sitted on the ship’s centreline.
Lubber mark should indicate heading with an accuracy of ±0.5°.