Echo Sounder Principle, purposes, Block diagram

Echo Sounder Principle, purposes, Block diagram

Echo Sounder
Measure water depth in shallow water.
Echo Sounder use transducer to convert one energy to another.

Use or purposes
Arrival departure
Shallow water
Bar crossing
Doubtful underwater survey
Avoid grounding
Passage Planning

Short pulses of sound wave transmitted vertically downward.
Per minute 500-600 short pulses.
Short pulses strike the sea-bed and reflected back to transducer.
Time is measured between transmission and reception. (t/2)
Since, short pulses speed is known.
So, D = V * t/2

Block diagram
Pls Draw from chotha,
Power supply – oscillator – transducer (transmitter) – transducer (receiver) – amplifier – recorder

Power supply: provide voltage
Oscillator: generate pulse
Transducer transmitter: convert electrical signals to pulses and transmit vertically downward
Transducer receiver: receive reflected pulse and convert to electrical signals
Amplifier: amplify the electrical signals
Recorder: record on paper. (Depth)

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