Do dogs need life jackets?

Do dogs need life jackets

As a boater, you want your dog to be safe. But do they need the same safety gear as people? That’s what we’re going to talk about today. You may have seen many pictures of dogs wearing life jackets on social media and wondered if it was necessary for them too. The answer is: YES.

If you have a dog on your boat, don’t forget to get them one of those life jackets. It might seem like an afterthought, but it’s not worth the risk if they fall overboard or are washed away by waves.

Dogs can easily get lost at sea or overboard while out on the boat, just like humans. A canine PFD (personal flotation device) provides buoyancy that will keep your pup afloat until help arrives and keeps their head above water so they can breathe easier. It also helps ensure a more accurate location of the dog when rescue teams are searching for them.

dogs life jacket
Dogs life jacket

Reasons why your dog needs a life jacket

Dogs are susceptible to hypothermia just like humans, so having a life jacket on when they go out in the water will help regulate their body temperature and keep them from getting sick or worse. 

Dogs also don’t have the ability to regulate their body temperature like humans can, so wearing a PFD is probably a good idea even if they’re not going in the water. A life vest could save your dog’s life.

Features that a dog life jacket should have
Features that a dog life jacket should have

A dog life vest will make your boating adventures more enjoyable throughout the season. We’ve seen many dogs wearing their vests while on the dock or in shallow water lounging around and having a blast. Overall, it gives everyone peace of mind that they are safe while on the boat. If your dog does go overboard on your boat, you’ll have an easier time spotting them.

If you are in a canoe or kayak, you can use the handle to help your dog get on board. The handle could also be used to pull them back onto the boat if they fall off, as long as someone is with them holding on.

Dog life jacket safety handle
Dog life jacket reinforced safety handle

If your dog isn’t a great swimmer, wearing a life vest will help them stay afloat and make swimming lessons much easier.

We think they look awesome in their vests. Okay, so maybe this one isn’t as practical, but who doesn’t love a good cute dog picture? Who wouldn’t want to take full advantage of this perk? Life jackets also come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles for the perfect fit.

The Right Dog Life Jacket for Your Canine

There are several different kinds of jackets that will fit your dog. When shopping around, you’ll want to look for a jacket that is buoyant enough to keep them afloat yet comfortable enough not to restrict their movements. You may also want to consider: How your dog reacts to wearing a PFD

If your dog has sensitive skin or gets hot easily, you’ll want to make sure that their jacket doesn’t irritate them or cause excess heat. You can either try the vest on before buying it, look for synthetic fabric, or find one made of mesh so they can stay cool and comfortable while wearing it.

Do golden retrievers need life jackets?

Golden Retrievers are working dogs that are used in search and rescue operations. They need to be taken out on boats so they can practice swimming, just like all the other pups. It’s important for them to wear a life jacket so that they have the buoyancy needed to stay afloat until you can get to them.

Coldwater can make them sick very quickly, which is why your Golden Retrievers need to remain as comfortable as possible in the water. A dog life jacket does just that.


Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, but what about when they go for a swim? If you have an overly energetic water dog who loves going on boat rides and getting its paws wet in the lake or ocean, it may be time to invest in life jackets. While some dogs can “swim like a fish” without any problem whatsoever (or at least seems that way), many others will struggle with staying afloat if left unsupervised. Remember that even well-conditioned swimmers need breaks every once in a while to avoid fatigue.

Life jackets come with safety grab handles so your pup doesn’t get lost overboard while out boating together. What do you think of this idea? Do you have a dog with whom you enjoy boating? Do they need some new safety gear to keep them safe? Let us know in the comments section below.

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