What is a boat transom?

What is a boat transom?

The transom is a flat panel attached to the stern of a boat. The main purpose of boat transom is to add strength and stiffness to the hull so that it can perform well at high speeds on the water.

The proper size and construction for a boat transom will improve the overall performance, handling, and steering of your boat. A properly built boat transom uses wooden stringers and plywood or fiberglass to increase strength without adding unnecessary weight.

Boat transom with outboard motor
Boat transom with outboard motor

Why does the boat transom matter to you?

There are many reasons why the transom matters to a boater. In addition to adding strength, stiffness and improving the performance of your boat, and saving energy, the proper boat transom construction can also have any number of other advantages, from better fuel consumption, added control, and safety features. Before you purchase a boat for yourself or someone else it’s important to know how the boat transom will affect your boating experience.

Boat terminology
Boat terminology

Types of boat transom

Some common transom designs that are used in both fishing and recreation boats include:

Vertical transom 

The vertical transom is a design that has the rear of the boat sticking out further in the water than a Plan transom. This type of construction makes it easier for propellers to function better and makes it easier to store gear on top of the hull.

Raked Transom

Another variation of the boat transom is a raked or reverse transom. This type of design features the rear deck extending out over the water instead of being flush with it, making it easier to use for activities like fishing and swim boarding. A raked transom can also help prevent damage from rocks or other underwater obstacles when you’re at the shoreline.

Flat transom

A flat transom is the most common type of boat transom. This design presents a level surface for boaters to stand on and helps reduce drag while traveling at higher speeds through the water. A flat transom also makes it easier to mount accessories like ski tows, live wells, fishing gear, and even swimming platforms.

Reverse transom

A reverse transom is a modification of the flat transom design that features a curve to the rear of the boat. This design not only reduces drag but also makes it easier to steer at a lower speed, since the motor has more access to water and less resistance when turning.

How do I get an excellent boat transom?

Choosing an Excellent transom is one of the most important parts when you choosing a boat. The transom is also called stern, and it’s the back part of your boat. When you choose a new boat or recreational vehicle for water sports, always check that transom first because this part affects a lot on the quality of your boating experience.

A high-quality boat transom should be strong enough to withstand abrasion from rocks, docks, and other submerged debris, but also be lightweight enough for easy maneuvering. The most important function of the transom is to keep water from entering your boat and flooding it during rough seas.

When you need to choose the transom, first make sure that your vessel will have a flat bottom before shopping. You don’t want to buy the one with a rounded or sloping bottom because your boat will be unstable.

Things that can go wrong if you have a bad, cheap or outdated boat’s transom:

A bad, cheap or outdated boat’s transom may cost you more in the end than you originally thought. The reasons are because it can have many negative effects on the overall performance of your vessel like increased fuel consumption, increased operating costs, and less speed. Cheap material for your boat’s transom – it may lead to premature fiberglass breakdown and result in major structural damage.

What is the perfect height of a boat transom?

The answer to this question will depend on your engine type. If you have a short shaft motor for example, then 15″ is the standard. For long shaft motors, it’s 20″ and for extra-long shaft motors, it’s 25″.

The height of the boat transom is one of the most important factors to consider. It dictates everything from what size outboard motor can be used, how high or low it sits in the water, and even how fast your boat will go. This might seem like a small detail but if you are not careful with this critical measurement then things could end up looking really bad for you.

What is the best wood for a transom?

A good lumber yard should be able to help you find the right wood for a boat transom. We recommend ash, but it’s up to you.


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