GPS jamming, Spoofing, SBAS, GNSS

GPS jamming, Spoofing, SBAS, GNSS

GPS jamming
GPS jammer intentionally transmitting same band radio wave to block user GPS receiver.
GPS jammer can interfere within 200nm.

When GPS receiver give wrong position due to jamming then it is called spoofing. Spoofing threaten navigation.

Solar flare
Solar flare is simply large explosion from the sun. Due to this GPS receiver can not receive strong GPS signal. As a result, poor position fixing.

Satellite based augmentation system.
Geostationary satellite system that is used to improve accuracy, integrity and availability of GNSS signals.
GPS isn’t sufficiently accurate to help land airplanes, here SBAS comes to play.
Compatible with GPS or glonass.
Free of subscription fees.

Global Navigation Satellite System.

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