Can You Use Google Maps for Directions While You are Boating

If you are boating, can you use Google Maps for directions? The answer is yes! You can use Google Maps to get directions when you are boating.

However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when using this service. First, you will need to have an active data connection on your boat. This means that you will need to either have a satellite phone or an Internet connection.

Second, you will need to be aware of the limitations of Google Maps.

  • Determine your starting point and destination
  • Enter your starting point and destination into Google Maps
  • Select the “Directions” option
  • Choose the “Boat” transportation option
  • Review the directions provided by Google Maps

Can You Use Google Maps on the Ocean?

Yes, you can use Google Maps on the ocean. The Google Maps application is designed to work with land-based or ocean-based addresses and locations. You can view all bodies of water on Google Maps, such as lakes, rivers, and oceans. In recent years, the map feature does extend out into the ocean.

Can I Use My Phone As a Marine Gps?

Yes, you can use your phone as a Marine GPS. There are a few different apps that you can download that will allow you to do this. Some of the more popular ones include Navionics, iSailor, and SeaNav US.

All of these apps will give you access to nautical charts and allow you to track your position while out on the water.

Can You Use Waze for Boating?

No, you cannot use Waze for boating. While Waze can give you directions for driving, walking, and biking, it does not have any information about waterways or boat routes. If you’re looking for navigation information while out on the water, you’ll need to consult a nautical chart.

Is There a Map App for Boats?

There are a few different map apps that can be used for boats. One option is the Navionics app, which includes nautical charts and sonar imaging. Another option is the SeaSmart app, which offers real-time tracking of ship movement and weather conditions.

Google Maps Boat Mode

Google Maps Boat Mode is a new feature that allows users to see nautical information on their maps. This includes things like depth contours, buoys, and marinas. It’s a great tool for boaters who want to plan their trips or find new places to explore.


If you’re like most people, you probably use Google Maps for directions when you’re driving. But did you know that you can also use it for directions when you’re boating? That’s right – Google Maps can be a helpful tool for planning your route when you’re out on the water.

Simply enter your starting point and destination, and the map will show you the best way to get there. Of course, there are some things to keep in mind when using Google Maps for boating directions. For example, be sure to take into account the size of your boat when choosing a route.

And remember that waterways can sometimes be crowded, so plan accordingly. But overall, using Google Maps for boating directions can be a great way to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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