Can You Use Boats in Dayz

There are a lot of different ways to get around in Dayz. You can walk, run, drive cars or trucks, or even fly helicopters. But one mode of transportation that you might not have considered is using boats.

That’s right, boats can be a great way to travel in Dayz if you know how to use them properly. Here’s everything you need to know about using boats in Dayz.

  • Find a boat – they are often located near water sources such as lakes and rivers
  • Climb into the boat and sit in the driver’s seat
  • Use the WASD keys to move the boat around
  • The mouse can be used to control the direction of the boat
  • To get out of the boat, press the ‘E’ key
Can You Use Boats in Dayz


Can You Get Boats on Dayz?

There are currently no boats in DayZ.

Can You Make a Raft in Dayz?

A raft can be a very useful tool in DayZ if used correctly. It can help you travel across water, fish, and even store items. However, crafting a raft is not as simple as just putting some logs together.

In order to make a sturdy and seaworthy raft, there are certain steps you must follow: 1. Find three long logs that are roughly the same size and shape. These will be the main supports for your raft.

2. Cut six smaller logs or branches that will be used to lash the three main logs together. Make sure the smaller logs are long enough to go around the circumference of the main logs at least twice. 3. Using rope or vine, lash the six smaller logs tightly around the three main ones so that they are securely fastened together.

You may need to use additional rope or vine to further secure any areas that seem weak or unstable. 4. Once your frame is complete, add two more layers of smaller logs or branches on top of it, again lashing them securely into place with rope or vine. These additional layers will provide more floatation and stability for your raft.

5.. If desired, you can now add a platform made of interwoven branches or planks of wood on top of your raft frame for added stability when walking or standing on it..

This is not strictly necessary but may be helpful depending on how you plan to use your raft.. Alternatively, you could also add a canopy made of branches and leaves to provide shade and shelter while using your raft.

. Again, this is not required but could be beneficial depending on circumstances.. 6 Finally, test out yourraft by gently pushing it off from shore into shallow water.. If everything seems sturdy and secure, congratulations! You have successfully crafted yourself a seaworthy vessel fit for exploration in DayZ!

Is There Boats on Dayz Ps4?

No, there are no boats on DAYZ ps4.

Where is the Boat in Dayz?

The boat in DAYZ is located at the north-eastern end of the map, on the coast. To get to it, you must first travel to the north-west corner of the map and then follow the coastline east until you reach your destination. The boat itself is a small fishing vessel that can accommodate up to four people.

It has a basic set of supplies onboard, including food and water, but no weapons or ammunition.

DayZ Expansion Boats Guide – Timestamps & Parts

Dayz Boat Location

Welcome to my blog post about Dayz Boat Location. Here, I will provide detailed information about the location of the Dayz boat. I hope that this information will be helpful to those who are looking for the boat in Dayz.

The Dayz boat is located on the coast of Chernarus, near the town of Novaya Petrovka. The exact coordinates of the boat are X: 2244, Y: 7885. The boat can be found by following the road that leads from Novaya Petrovka to the coast.


Yes, you can use boats in Dayz, but they’re not very practical. Boats are slow and difficult to control, so they’re not a good choice for travel. However, if you’re looking for a place to hide or fish, a boat can be a good option.

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