Boat Owners United

Boat owners unite! We are a community of boaters who love being on the water. Whether we are sailing, fishing, or just cruising around, we enjoy every minute.

We are united by our passion for boating and our desire to protect our waterways.

If you own a boat, chances are you’re passionate about it. And that’s why there’s strength in numbers when it comes to fighting for the rights of boat owners. Whether it’s ensuring access to waterways or protecting our environment, groups like Boat Owners United are making a difference.

Boat Owners United is a national non-profit organization that advocates for the rights of recreational boaters. They work to ensure access to waterways, protect the marine environment, and promote safe and responsible boating. One of their recent successes was working with the US Army Corps of Engineers to keep public water access open at Lake Mead National Recreation Area in Nevada.

This is important not only for boaters, but also for fisherman, hikers, and anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors. The group is also working on several legislative initiatives, including pushing for a federal ban on microbeads (plastic beads found in some personal care products that end up polluting our lakes and rivers). They’re also working to improve fuel efficiency standards for boats, which would save boat owners money and help protect our waterways from pollution.

So if you’re a boat owner, consider joining Boat Owners United and becoming part of the solution!

What is Boat Owners United

Boat Owners United is an organization dedicated to providing a collective voice for recreational boaters across the United States. The organization was founded in 2008 by a group of passionate boaters who saw the need for a united front to protect and advocate for the rights of all boaters. Since its inception, Boat Owners United has been actively involved in a number of issues affecting recreational boating, including access to waterways, environmental protection, and boat safety.

In addition to advocating on behalf of all boaters, Boat Owners United also provides educational resources and support to help members enjoy their time on the water safely and responsibly. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a first-time boat owner, Boat Owners United is committed to protecting your right to enjoy recreational boating. If you love being on the water, join us today and help us fight for the future of our sport!

Who Can Join Boat Owners United

Boat Owners United is a website for boat owners and enthusiasts. The site includes forums, blogs, photos, and videos. Boat owners can join the site for free and access all of the features.

Enthusiasts can also join the site for free and access all of the features.

How Do I Join Boat Owners United

Joining Boat Owners United is easy and can be done online or by mail. First, you’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself and your boat. Then, you’ll be able to access all of the member benefits, including discounts on boat insurance, maintenance and repairs, as well as access to exclusive content and resources.

What are the Benefits of Joining Boat Owners United

Assuming you are talking about the Boater’s United group, here are some benefits of joining: -A united front against any new regulation or law that would infringe on our freedom to boat. -Ability to share information and ideas with other members in order to improve the boating lifestyle for all.

-Regular e-newsletter updates on what is happening within the group as well as tips and tricks for boaters. -Access to member only events where you can meet other likeminded individuals and have a great time doing something you love.

Boat Owners United Marketplace

Boat Owners United Marketplace is an online marketplace for boat owners to buy and sell boats and related products and services. The site features a wide variety of boats for sale, as well as a section for buying and selling boat parts and accessories. Boat owners can also list their boats for rent on the site, which makes it a convenient one-stop shop for those looking to get out on the water.


Boat owners unite to form a new group. This group is dedicated to helping boat owners with any and all issues they may have. They also aim to provide a place for members to connect and share information.

The group is open to all boat owners, regardless of make or model.

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