Bilging and Permeability (Derrett Stability)

Bilging and Permeability (Derrett Stability) A box-shaped vessel 40 m long, 6 m beam, is floating at a draft of 2 m F and A. She has an amidships compartment 10 m long which is empty. If the original GM was 0.6 m, find the new GM if this compartment is bilged. KM = KB … Read more

Rendezvous Position Sunrise

Rendezvous Position Sunrise At 0450 GMT on 18 June 2006, a tanker in position 39° 42′ N, 145° 06′ W has an injured seafarer requiring urgent medical attention onboard. At the same time a passenger vessel in position 40° 00′ N, 148° 07′ W heading 076° T at 26 knots, has a doctor on board … Read more

Angle of Heel or List (Derrett Stability)

Angle of Heel or List (Derrett Stability) A ship is just about to lift a weight from a jetty and place it on board. Using the data given below, calculate the angle of the heel after the weight has just been lifted from this jetty. The weight to be lifted is 140 t with an … Read more

Final and Initial course angle of a Great Circle Course

Final and Initial course angle of a great circle course between two geographical positions DRAW POLE IFIF N > S ; DRAW NORTH POLEIF S > N ; DRAW SOUTH POLEIF BOTH N ; DRAW NORTH POLEIF BOTH S ; DRAW SOUTH POLE IF ICA AND FCA SAME QUADRANTS VERTEX LIES OUTSIDE A AND BAND … Read more