What should you do in a severe storm in your boat?

what should you do in a severe storm in your boat

In case of a severe storm, it is important to follow some precautionary measures. You should first ensure that you have all your safety equipment on board, then keep the boat away from large waves, if you feel any danger, get back to land ASAP. If you are caught in a storm, use your judgment … Read more

How should you pass a fishing boat?

How should you pass a fishing boat

Well, there are different techniques of passing a fishing boat, but, it depends on the speed of the passing boat and the distance between the two boats. It also depends on what time of the day it is, weather, wind speed and direction, boat size, and boat type. Usually, fishing boats have the right of … Read more

What Does Boat Stand For?

What does boat stand for

The boat is a term that has been used for centuries to describe the structure of a sailboat. The word “Boat” can also be used as a verb for moving or travel by water and has many other metaphorical uses. A boat is any relatively small craft capable of being transported on water. It can … Read more

What is a Transducer on a Boat?

What is a transducer on a boat

A transducer is a device that converts energy from one form to another. The most common use for a boat transducer is to convert electrical signals to sound waves so people can “hear” the signal with listening devices called hydrophones. Some transducers, like the depth finder on your watch, also generate electrical signals. How Does … Read more

What Is a Boat Transom?

What is a boat transom

A boat transom is the flat surface at the stern of a vessel. It’s also the structural member that supports the weight of the engine and transmits its thrust to the hull. The main purpose of boat transom is to add strength and stiffness to the hull so that it can perform well at high … Read more